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How realFIT defines fitness

The patent-pending realFIT™ scoring platform was developed after months of research across a wide variety of fitness testing methods, which included military, law enforcement, professional sports testing combines, and other fitness programs. This research showed that while there are hundreds of fitness programs and testing approaches, no single, commonly accepted evaluation standard exists, especially for those individuals who are already fit. The original search process was launched by the REAL FIT co-founders, who sought a clear measurement methodology to evaluate their own progress. When they discovered that none existed, they set out to create a metric not only for themselves, but for all athletes. 

The realFIT assessment clearly defines the components of fitness and identifies the tests which best represent those components. It is important to remember that realFIT measures fitness performance, not health. We do not consider medical factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels or body fat. However, we do believe that your base fitness is the best indicator of overall health.

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The patented realFIT scoring platform uses six specific components of overall fitness:

  • Agility - the ability to move quickly and adeptly
  • Speed - the ability to run fast across short distances
  • Power - the ability to explosively create energy in a short burst
  • Muscular Strength - the ability to generate maximum force against resistance
  • Cardiovascular Endurance - the ability to sustain effort over a long period of time
  • Muscular Endurance - the ability to maintain strength over a period of time

Our library includes a collection of tests, score sets and standards to provide our members with the best fitness assessment data possible. We have dozens of widely accepted tests, which have been assigned weights according to basic components. Most tests have a primary fitness component, but our methodology allows for tests measuring multiple components. Based on the fitness objective, we create score sets which are collections of individual tests. For both tests and score sets, we have multiple performance standards which represent various performance thresholds. 

Rigorous measurement is at our core

For every test, we provide specific measurement instructions to guarantee accurate calculations and ensure valid comparisons across members. 

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